Are You Ready to Build and Maintain a Website?
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Are You Ready to Build and Maintain a Website?

A website is a marketing tool that has opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses that own and maintain one. If you are toying with the idea of creating a website for your business, there are a number of internal concerns you need to iron out to ensure a swift flow of things to come.

A website is a marketing tool that has opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses that own and maintain one. If you are toying with the idea of creating a website for your business, there are a number of internal concerns you need to iron out to ensure a swift flow of things to come.

Building and maintaining a website has its corresponding cost, thus the benefits that could be derived should compensate for the investment involved. First, you need to convince yourself that your business really needs a website. If you believe a website will significantly contribute to the achievement of your company’s goal, go ahead and take the plunge. Are you ready to allocate valuable time and resources to sustain the site? Updating the site’s contents is important to make the site relevant at all times. A poorly maintained website might do your business more harm than good it was intended for.

If after going through all the responsibilities of having a company website, you really believe a website is beneficial for your business, start off by creating a checklist and timetable of things to be done. First on your checklist is the general illustration and layout of your home page and their corresponding links. Do not forget to assign an employee who is responsible for regularly updating the website.

If you intend to engage the services of a webpage designer, take time out to plan and outline how you want your website to look and what items and features you want included. Having all your requirements and specifications on hand will make the work of your webpage designer faster and more effective.

Be meticulous in choosing the webpage designer to work with. Check on his past works and try to compare costs with at least two more designers. Once you have made your choice, prepare for the first meeting. Have on hand your company logo, pictures, text copy and the general illustration and layout.

In general a website is by prospective customers, potential employees, suppliers, credit officers and the entire web community. Be specific on your target audience and concentrate on them for the general theme of your website. Below are some tips on how to come up with a website that will be useful to your specific audience.

Make your homepage grab immediate attention

• Have a colorful page with your logo tagline and basic mission presented in a very enticing manner.

• Do not make your logo appear too loud and do not have a text overload.

• Have your company’s contact information on your home page

• Make it easy to navigate through the different sections of your website through links and maps and navigation icons.

• The “what’s new” section link should be easily located.

• Your homepage should only contain pertinent information to entice a viewer to navigate more. Such information that say more about the company like company history, officers etc… should be in another page.

The entire website including all the pages should have a consistent design and navigation methods

• Backgrounds, icons and navigation links should be the same for all pages

• Icons and keywords directing to the other pages of the website should be relevant to the contents of the particular page.

Graphics and pictures should complimentary to the webpage’s main idea.

• The right graphics should be used to convey the message of the company’s product and services.

• “A postage stamp” option must be available for large graphics.

Webpage content must always be updated

• All contents must be simple, easy to read and enticing.

• All contents must be relevant and up-to-date. Information contained in the website must be the same information that can be obtained should a customer opt to call or visit your office. Someone must be assigned to regularly update contents of your website.

• External links that you may include must be advantageous to your business or you run the risk of losing your “site visitor” to the external link.

Encourage comments and suggestions

• Include a site feedback system. Encourage visitors to send in inquiries, comments and suggestions through fax, e-mail or phone.

Setting up a webpage for your business is a major decision because it needs resources that require a budget. . There are set-up as well as maintenance expenses. Make sure your business is ready for these expenses to ensure the webpage’s continuous operation. Such expenses include set-up fees for storage of the web pages, domain name purchase and upkeep, personnel requirement for the creation, maintenance and promotions of the webpage. Of course a computer and an internet connection is needed to supervise the webpage so that immediate response to viewer’s concerns can be immediately addressed.

In summary, to ensure that the webpage/ website you want for your business will be successful and be worth the investment:

• Be ready with the financial investment needed

• Engage the services of a knowledgeable webpage designer.

• Assign someone to maintain and update the website

As the business owner, you have to be involved every step of the way to make sure that the webpage is consistent to your customers’ needs.

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