How Does Google Panda Update Effect Article Marketing?
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How Does Google Panda Update Effect Article Marketing?

There is a general buzz among people that article marketing is dead. It is possible that people who believe in this are not really seeing the larger picture behind Google Panda update. You need to publish articles with meaningful and unique content. By proper article marketing strategy you can still attract high and relevant traffic for your online business.

There is a general buzz among web marketers that article marketing is dead. Many even feel it is a waste of time and money. They say article marketing will not help you make money anymore. Well, in my opinion this is not really true. It is possible that marketers who believe in this are not really seeing the larger picture behind Google Panda update. Google wants to put forward the best to its users. 

Google Panda update came as a shock to search engine marketers. There are some who appreciated the changes while others can just criticize it. Whatever your take on this, the fact remains that there is no going back now. Duplicate content websites or content farms are the ones that have really been hit by the basic principle of the Google update. It is estimated that some of these websites have lost almost 75% of their traffic through search engines.   

Google’s objective is to enhance the quality of search with this latest algorithm and it basically targets sites with duplicate content or spam sites. Most of these are sites are poor quality, with no real information or include poorly written scraped content from other sites. 

The key issue before the Panda update was that people were writing or even lifting articles and posting them all over the Internet. You would see same articles on websites, article directories, hub pages as well as other directories. The net was packed with duplicate content. Now with the Google Panda update preference is given to relevant and unique content, not copied content. 

Link building through article marketing was badly abused, so there is a reason for Google to downgrade it. On the other hand web is a lot about sharing content and Google cannot ignore it completely. This will be against its key theory of liking websites that publish relevant and original content. You can still use article marketing as a part of a comprehensive link building plan. Just hitting out with a batch of spun articles will however not help you any longer. You need to publish articles with meaningful and unique content.

Google Panda update is also good for students or casual search engine browsers. Rather than finding 100 pages of irrelevant or duplicate content, they will find what they are looking for in the search results faster with this new algorithm. 

As long as you are aware of the consequence of where your article gets indexed initially, you will typically benefit from the Panda update. Now the question… is article marketing dead?  No, not at all.  You just have indulge in article marketing the right way and you can use this strategy as an excellent source of high and relevant traffic for your online business.   

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