How To Prevent Your PayPal Account From Getting Blocked / Suspended: Tips That Work
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How To Prevent Your PayPal Account From Getting Blocked / Suspended: Tips That Work

PayPal is the biggest online payment processor and the most used of all electronic payment methods. However, PayPal does have its bad side and that is the frequent suspension or banning of accounts. This article shows you true ways of preventing your PayPal account from ever getting banned. Stick to them and keep the monies in your PayPal account safe.

PayPal is perhaps the most reliable and most used payment processor by any merchant site or webmaster online; and for a good number of reasons. Not only is it fast, convenient and safe but easy to open as well.

Over the years, a lot of reviews and feedbacks have been put forward by users of the PayPal payment processor platform. While customers and clients cherish the easy and convenient mode of payments and transfers, the complaints coming from customers worldwide cannot just be ignored. One of the common complaints you would easily find online is the ease and promptness with which PayPal shuts down accounts with no seeming tangible reasons at all. Those worst hit are the people who opened their accounts from PayPal unauthorized countries.

Due to the fact that PayPal doesn’t allow account opening for some certain countries, some persons still find a way around this ban / prohibition and open PayPal accounts for legitimate internet businesses as most platforms make use of PayPal alone; just like They use several means to achieve this even going as far as opening a US bank accounts as a foreigner and getting a foreign US number and addresses.

While all this might aid in getting the said PayPal account, it doesn’t often take time for PayPal to find out about the tricks used in opening the PayPal account from the banned country and the end result is a closure or blockage of the account.

Aside the blockage of the accounts of banned country clients, an account from a PayPal approved country could also be suspended or blocked for a number of reasons.

In this article, I will examine and give tips on how one can avoid getting his or her account suspended or blocked whether you are from a PayPal approved country or not. I assure you, this tips will go a long way to saving you a lot of headaches you might have in future.

Tips To Preventing PayPal Account Suspension / Blockage

  • Use a constant IP address

One reason why PayPal might suspend or block your account is when they notice that your IP address is constantly changing; maybe from one country to another. This gives them an alert that you might be involved in some fraudulent activities hence the constantly changing IP.

  • Don’t log in from an unapproved country

Logging into PayPal from an unapproved country is sure to get your PayPal account suspended or possibly blocked. It doesn’t matter whether you are not a citizen of the unapproved country or not; the moment you log in from that country, you risk getting your account blocked.

  • Attend promptly to complaints and refunds

If you use PayPal as a payment processor in your merchant site, be sure to attend promptly to complaints from customers and also attend to refunds. Failure to do so will lead to account blockage if the customers do report you to PayPal.

  • Using a personal account in a merchant site

PayPal does have different types of account openings which you could find out about in their site. If you happen to use your personal account in your merchant site for receiving payments instead of using PayPal business account, you can be assured it will not take time for your account to be blocked.

Before I round up this article, I will give a final tip to those using PayPal from PayPal banned countries and for legitimate internet businesses. You should know that you don’t have to log in to your PayPal account always. Any information relating to purchases or payments is always sent to the email address with which you opened the PayPal account with. This will save you from getting banned from PayPal.

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Comments (19)

Good information. I've also read about PayPal freezing the accounts of people for a variety of reasons, some legitimate, some not.

I've met many people who want to do legitimate work online, but can't because they can't get paid through Pay Pal. These tips are priceless. Great work.

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

You are very right Sir Rowan; especially with some folks like us in Nigerian who are into legit biz online. I do hope PayPal change their mind soon enough. Thanks for the votes and comments.

I believe that people should follow the rules and if they are opening paypal accounts in countries that are not allowed, then they should be suspended.

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

I guess you might be right Sir Chris, but a situation where you have good writers with no access to paypal would lead to the persons losing out in making good money and sites like factoidz losing such good writers. Paypal might have their reasons for suspending or banning such accounts, but I think they should equally consider the legit ones.

I get about ten spam messages from Nigeria everyday. You have just won the Nigerian lottery. Some of them are written in very good English, and they're getting better at looking like it's a message from Pay Pal or Facebook. If they just let the same people write legitimate articles, and make legitimate sites, there would be a huge reduction in phishing emails, and that's gotta be good.

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

Thanks for your contribution here Rowan. I went through a hard time getting a paypal account just because Nigerian is banned. Am the first to agree that lots of scam come from Nigeria but there are still some good eggs over here. The bad news to paypal is that those that perpetuate the scam have various means of been ahead of the game. Thye appear to be always one step ahead of paypal. How I wish the ban would be lifted for goodness sake. It has become a striving business in Nigeria....the opening of paypal accounts that clients pay as much as a $100 to get one opened and verified for them.

Fortunately I hail from a Pay pal approved country and even Pay pal branches are here in India.In any event,I am using constant IP address and and follow their e-mails instantly.Nice tips.Thanks for sharing.

Perhaps reinstating countries to Pay Pal but have a watchful eye over true scammers instead of painting a wide brush over everyone.

Oh I had big problems that were resolved in 2 months.Thank you for helping others with your wisdom.

Thanks for that information, I've been worried about my account being closed down.

Excellent share!

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

Having a paypal account is a delicate matter since you could wake up one day and have your account closed. However, sticking to basics tips will prevent all these. I have had an account blocked but learnt my I know better. You can have a paypal account and never have to worry about closure....just stick to the rules.

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

Thanks Madam Ruby.

Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

I have used PayPal for well over ten years now and I have never had a problem with them. The two or three problems that I have had were with other vendors that used them and they quickly and efficiently resolved those problems for me. Paypal will never be the cause of a problem for anyone as long as they abide by the rules and use the service properly.

Ranked #3 in Online Marketing

Thanks for the addition Sir Jerry. I believe that when one stick to their rules, paypal will not block or suspend an account. However, failure to stick to the tips discussed could lead to blockage. All one need do is type in paypal complaints in google search and myriads of complaints will flood your face. Again, thanks

Truly, Paypal has helped me a lot in my online transactions.

Wow, thanks for the tips. I've never even heard this about paypal.