Reasons for Low Website Conversion Rates
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Reasons for Low Website Conversion Rates

Why are your website conversion rates low? Could you increase your website conversion rates without having to use conversion rate experts?

If you were hoping that your new website would be bringing you the clients or buyers that you need, but it’s not, you have low website conversion rates.

Any of the following reasons for low website conversion rates can be analysed and dealt with, and soon you can expect great improvement in the conversion rate of your website.

Conversion rates relate to how many of your website visitors actually order or buy a product you’re selling, or contact you about a service you’re offering, or do exactly what you would like them to do, like sign up to a newsletter.

Before you even look at your website conversion rates, realising that they’re low, know that not everybody will be looking for the services or products you offer:

Reasons why people are not looking for the services or products you offer:

  • They already have a product or service provider they’re happy with
  • They ask their friends and family for advice pertaining to products or services instead of using the Internet
  • Other advertising mediums, rather than using the Internet, such as television, magazines, pamphlets and posters, influences them
  • They’ve already saved another website with a similar product or service to their favorites on their computer

Your site might be getting too little traffic to expect any conversion rate at all

Reasons why people are not finding your site in the first place, even if they need or want your product or service:

  • You don’t have enough links on other sites linking back to your own site
  • Your site is still very new and has a low page rank
  • There is not enough text content on the pages of your site for people using the Internet to find your site for more than just two or three keywords (many people are using keywords to find what they need, that you offer, but those keywords are not keywords your site is targeting)
  • Your site has poor on-page SEO
  • Your site has poor meta titles and poor meta descriptions
  • Your PPC Google Adwords campaign ads are not often appearing on page one of Google search results
  • Your PPC Google Adwords campaign ads are appearing on page one of Google search results often enough but are boring compared to the others also appearing there

Scenario: Everything is in order, and people are landing on your site’s homepage, having found a link to it in an email, in Google search results, on another site, or in a PPC ad, but you have a low website conversion rate or none at all.

Why are people not ordering or buying your product or contacting you about the service you offer?

  1. The landing page takes too long to open and they get irritated and go elsewhere
  2. There is no clear call to action
  3. The font of the text is too small to read easily and is all jam-packed into one long boring paragraph
  4. The page is untidy or too busy for people to easily see what the main message of your site is
  5. The site has colours or images that do not appeal to the visitors
  6. There is no “feel” or “personality” to the site, or about you; it’s impersonal, cold and unfriendly
  7. There are no testimonials from people who have used your products or services
  8. The site has bad navigation or links that don’t work
  9. The contact forms are faulty or don’t work
  10. It’s difficult to find or see your phone number or contact link
  11. The visitors may have already seen another site they prefer
  12. The price of your product is unsuitable, or your business location is not suitable (if the business is not conducted online)
  13. The people looking at your site never wanted the product or service in the first place, but are your competitors, checking out their competition (you and your site,) are SEO experts hired by others to do competitor analysis, or are writers doing research for their next article

It can be difficult to increase conversion rates, but with a bit of time and effort, it can be done. You may need to hire conversion rate experts to assist you in increasing the conversion rate of your website, if you don’t feel up to doing it yourself. Conversion rate experts know about SEO, both on-page and off-page, PPC campaigns, and competitor analysis.

If you’re really determined to increase the conversion rate of your website, and are serious about your business, you really can do the conversion rate optimisation yourself, without hiring any conversion rate experts. There is plenty of free information on the Internet to help you. Just take the time to read it, learn it, and do it.

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An interesting fact to consider in website management.

Good points to remember when starting up your own website business!