How to Earn from Targeted Ads and Online Advertising
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How to Earn from Targeted Ads and Online Advertising

How to earn from your website with targeted ads and online advertising.

There are varying opinions, from the thousands of articles written on the subject, as to whether online advertising is or is not worthwhile. To be honest, most of these articles are written by people with little knowledge of what online advertising is or how it works. Many articles are written by disgruntled people who added a few snippets of code to their Website and expected to just sit back and rake in the profits. When that didn't happen they blamed it on the market instead of their lack of understanding.

Google, Facebook, Wordpress and Twitter, to name a few, are all multi-billion dollar Website companies that earn their revenue from online advertising. To say that online ads don't work or are a waste of time is ridiculous. The fact is, if you own your own Website or blog, you can earn money using targeted ads. I earn enough each month from advertising to pay all my hosting and domain costs plus a little extra. I don't expect that you and I will get rich from online advertising, not right away at least, but it is possible to earn a sizable income if done correctly. So why not give it a try. Like anything else worth doing, online advertising takes some effort on your part to make the most out of your Website. The more time you put in the better the rewards.

The most common form of online advertising is keyword targeted ads and in my opinion the best online advertising program is Google Adsense. I've tried the others and found that Adsense by far out performs the others. If you don't already have an Adsense account simple go to the Adsense site and sign up.  It's free to join and only takes a few minutes. Once you have set up your account log-in and familiarize yourself with the user-interface.  It's not difficult but it does take a little time to thoroughly understand how to use Adsense to create and set up ads for your site.

When you're ready click on Adsense setup and then Adsense for content. Next click ad unit and then continue. Select your ad format. Remember that large rectangles perform better. 300x250, 336x280 and 160x600 are the best performing ad units. Next, under colors, create your ad color pallet. Try to match the color scheme of your Website. Ads that look natural work better. Next, if you choose, you can create ad channels. Channels are ways to track the performance of ad units. Name each ad unit and try different formats and color schemes to see which works best on your site. Next, hit create code and copy and paste it into your Website.

You already know that traffic is the most important aspect of a Website livelihood or earning potential. Without visitor traffic, design or content really has no meaning. The old saying among web designers is that "content is king". The best designed Website will do little if the content is not interesting or informative. A Website Must offer something to the reader to be successful.

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Web users do not read a Website they scan it. When a visitor visits your site they scan the headers and bold type looking for something that is either of interest or for specific information. If they don't see what they want, they move on. So remember to use H1 and H2 headers and to use bold text for keywords. You should also use ol and ul lists. Bulleted lists work best.

I've used Adsense for quite a while and have listed some of the things that I have learned to hopefully help you get the most out of your online ads.

Keywords. Before placing ad units on your web page check its keyword density. There are many free keyword density tools on the Internet that crawl your page and count the most commonly used words on that page. These are, or should be, the keywords for that page. Keywords determine the theme or subject of a web page and Adsense is keyword targeted. That means that the ads placed on your site will relate to the subject (keywords) of that page. Try to use each of your keywords at least 5 times if possible without disrupting the flow of the text. You want your keywords to flow naturally in the text.

Improve your keywords.  Get new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance and incorporate them into your page.

Keep your Website focused on a theme. Use a keyword suggestion tool to enhance your web pages and to build theme based content. Also try to get your keywords into the anchor text of your incoming links. Don't forget that AdSense is keyword-targeted advertising.

Add pages to your Website or blog often. The more pages you have the more ad space you have and the more ads you have the greater the chances of a visitor clicking on that ad. Ad clicks is how you get paid.

Choose the right ad format. Wider formats perform better and have a higher click through rate.

Color scheme. Use the Adsense color tool to create ads with a pallet that matches your site. Ads with a white background and no border work best.

Position. Ads above the fold and top left are best performers. Above the fold means that the ad can be seen without scrolling the page. 

Content. Grammar, spelling and knowledge is important to good content. Write about things you know and have experience and knowledge. If you need to research a subject then do it thoroughly.

Credibility. Build credibility with your readers. Well written, knowledgeable content builds trust with your readers.

Personalize. Build a relationship with your readers by personalizing your content. When you write, write for people. We call them visitors or readers but they are people so write as if you were writing to them. The reader is the lifeblood of your Website.

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Comments (4)

Wonderful tips. I use the adword tool to investigate top keywords. It seems to be working. I have gotten an average over the past week of $16.00 a click. Yesss

An average of $16.00 a click is fantastic. You have obviously put some work into your advertising. Great job. Now, how about helping a brother out:)

Very good tips, you made a point on why do we have to write often on our blog.

There are many ways to earn money online and earning from targeted ads is one of the easiest ways to earn decent amount. However, if you are a blogger or website developer there are still other ways to make money online such as affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, writing articles, etc. Thank you for sharing this excellently written article, keep it up! Voted and shared.